Explore Logan County

There's always something to do here at Adventure Trails Ohio, but if you would like to get outside of the park to explore other areas of Logan County, we've listed some must see places and things to do that aren't too far away.

Myeerah Nature Preserve

This beautiful preserve won't disappoint with its incredible hiking and serene views. You have 450 acres of land to explore here, and it's open all day!

Fishermen love this preserve, as there are tons of ponds and streams that you can angle from.

Campbell Hill

Do you feel like you're above everyone else? Well, when you stand on Campbell Hill, you can be! This is the highest point in Ohio at 1,549.09 feet and previous home to the Bellefontaine Air Force Station.

It makes for a fun walk and a great place to relax!

Mad River Mountain

There's a reason to come to Bellefontaine no matter the time of year. This winter you can try out Ohio's largest ski resort with 20 trails and 11 lifts.

Whether you snowboard, ski or tube, you will have a blast at Mad River Mountain.

Marmon Valley Farms

This adorable farm has a few things for you to do! Meet the farm animals and livestock for free, or go horseback riding with one of the farm's trained guides.

It's the perfect way to feel like you're a part of nature.

Ohio Caverns

Littered throughout Ohio are huge cave systems, and you're close to the largest one in the state. This popular tour will give you the chance to see cool rock formations with gorgeous lighting highlighting the more unique features.

The cave tour is a must-go, you could say that it's stalac-tight!

Indian Lake

The lake has since become a destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts. In the winter, ice fishing and snowmobiling have become greatly popular in the area. Indian Lake has numerous islands across the center of the lake, a large wildlife area, many inlets and bays, and boasts over 30 miles of shoreline.

Downtown Bellefontaine

You might be escaping to the woods, but that doesn't mean you're far from "Ohio's Most Lovable Downtown". We're a quick 4 mile drive to some great restaurants, craft beer bars, the farmer's market and great locally owned boutique shops.

More to Explore

Still looking for more to do in Logan County? There are plenty of other options from Piatt Castles to dining in Downtown Bellefontaine.

The Best Restaurants in Bellefontaine, OH

Downtown Bellefontaine has some of the best local spots to eat and drink! We've listed a few of our favorites for you to enjoy.

Flying Pepper Cantina

A great location for authentic Mexican food. Their menu includes tortas, tacos, burritos and more! For your tacos, you just need to choose a meat, say how many you want, and then enjoy! This is easily one of the best Mexican restaurants in our corner of the United States.

The Syndicate

If ambiance is what you want then look no further! The Syndicate is located in Downtown Bellfontaine, has live music and a great menu filled with steaks, pastas, seafood and more. Enjoy fine dining options paired with beverages with enticing aromas. Happy hour is every Saturday from 2PM - 4PM.

2 G's Barbecue

If you're a fan of BBQ then this is your kind of place! You'll find BBQ restaurant staples like ribs, chicken, and pork chops, but you'll also have a shot at some of the menu items specific to this restaurant. A must-try restaurant for any BBQ-obsessed guest.


Voted the #1 Beer Bar in Ohio! Brewfontaine features a compact, modern bar with rotating craft beers & wine served alongside salads and sandwiches. If you enjoy tasting a lot of different flavors when you go to a bar, then you should give this place your time.

Sweet Aromas

Sweet Aromas has been serving coffee and fresh baked pastries since 2012, has raving reviews and is owned by a local Logan County family.
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